Okay okay okay. So you’re telling me that I have to:

  • Learn the movement
    • by watching you do it? Then I’m going to do it?
  • Do the movement myself
    • while doing stuff like moving my head around and turning and going upside down, potentially missing parts of the combination
  • Do the movement correctly
    • This means on the correct side, with the correct limbs doing the correct thing, taking the correct number of steps and also turning the correct number of times and landing the correct way
  • Do the movement correctly with the music
  • Do the movement correctly, with the music, on the correct time
  • Do all this within like fifteen minutes of you teaching it, then be able to reproduce it on my own?
    • with my own artistic flair and choices
  • Do this all without hitting anyone with any of my limbs or running into anyone

When I stop and think about what I actually do, every single day, I realize that I can’t think about it, because all that is basically impossible.

This all occurred to me at the last audition I went to. So I have to do all this very quickly, but also do it in a way that makes me stand out in a good way.

Dance is hard. So worth it and so satisfying. But it’s hard. So, if you’re discouraged at all, just stop thinking about all of this and enjoy the movement. This strategy has worked pretty well for me thus far.

Also, this picture is a part of a ballet costume infographic designed by my friend, a dancer and graphic designer/architect. You can check out the full poster here!