Our guest choreographer came to Idaho this weekend! Nhan Ho is here.

Despite being horribly sore and weak after two days of rehearsal, I have never been so excited and invigorated. Class and rehearsal is genuinely fun. This is the sort of work that makes me excited about dancing.

The movement is very dynamic, based on spirals, and ground conscious. Our warm up consist of walks across the floor, progressing into gentle rolls, pelvic lofts, and bear crawls that eventually turn into breaking type body lifts, dive rolls, and bulldozing into our partners. The intensity of the movement puts bruises on you through kneepads.

It all makes sense, though. Everything we do feels right in my body, other than the fatigue.

He started us off with a warm up and then some phrasing. We move in and out of the floor constantly, dripping and melting into the marley like it’s a trampoline instead of something solid. The phrasing did wear out my hip flexors pretty fast, but I attribute that to tensing my feet on some of the lifts. Some of the lifting also reminded me that, while we move through our side space often, we don’t often support ourselves vertically in the side space. I am very used to being upside down, but upside down on my side was suddenly quite difficult and terrifying. This is something that I think I would like to explore more in my own body, in the studio and in the gym.

From there, he worked quickly. He put us together and split us up; he brings people on and off stage in waves and introduces partnering without making a big thing of it. It’s quite different from the dance here at UI, but it makes sense and I like it.

I noticed today that the group of dancers in the piece are generally very positive. Everyone is enthusiastic, even when exhausted and sore, and everyone is lifting each other up in terms of morale. This is perhaps the best group I’ve gotten to work with. I look forward to what this piece turns into.

Check out his website!