I’m very excited for the professor’s newest project. She applied for a choreography mentorship with Doug Varone’s company, and of course she got it, and of course, and now she has to create a piece and present it to Doug and company. This means that I get to go to NEW YORK CITY and perform at least twice.

I’m a big fan of Varone, probably because my own teacher is of his lineage, and I’m of her lineage. His use of space is incredible. He’s not what I would call a “flashy” choreographer, but between the choices of music, space, and lighting that he makes, his pieces are so satisfying to watch.

Here’s some of his stuff

Along with me on this journey is Christine, someone who I’ve danced with in class but never in a piece, and Ben, who I’ve danced with before in a similar type of setting.

The Professor told us about how Doug liked his dancers and choreographers to work quickly. She wanted to create something from nothing (here’s another time when my all-artists-are-godly theory comes in) and told us to each grab a chair.

She directed us to move with the chairs. Drag the chair stage left. Run around Christine’s chair. Pull Ben out of his chair. Sit in your chair. Jump off of it. And so on until we had a sequence of movement, which we memorized. She then had us get rid of the chairs and improvise movement that made sense. She wanted us to keep all the genuine moments of hesitation or awkward squirming, though.IMG_8333

We are going to try to get in 100 hours of rehearsal between now and the end of July. I’ll be in the dirty ‘scow quite a bit. We still don’t have an apartment down there, so it’s couch surfing for me for the foreseeable future.

I’m excited to see where this goes, and I’m hella excited to go to NYC and to see Doug Varone and the other pieces.
I wish my brother was here, above everything else. The timing was good on this, though, because it gives me something to focus on. It all worked out to be a good time to be back in Idaho, in a very fucked up sort of way. It didn’t work out so well for Kyle.

See how fucked up and dark my thoughts are right now? This is awful and I hate it. 

I’m getting my dance photos done again this summer. I sort of want to do a super artistic nude underwear shoot in the arb to show off how deep IMG_8160and serious I am about my art. I’m definitely going to wear a crop top, though, to show off my fresh abs. I’ve lost a lot of pounds and I’m running 5k every other day and lifting again and not eating so much delicious, delicious food cart food. Both of my

parents are being really active, and I’ve been cycling with my dad and paddle boarding with my mom. My dad did a race recently, a climb up the infamous Lewiston grade, and my mom has been hiking despite the fact that she broke her hip a year ago.

No surrender for the remaining Sipes. Run while you can.