Here is her last “pet project” that I got to participate in.

It was a collaborative project between The Professor, the videographer, myself, and my fellow dancer. She developed the concept and guided us through improvisation to generate the material. She coached us physically and choreographically.

The film was entered into a dance film festival where it took an honorable mention. It was nice to know that I almost got ass-hypothermia for a reason. I really enjoyed the rehearsal process for this piece, but filming in the snow was a challenge.

I was wearing jeggings with tights beneath, and they quickly became saturated with water. I was freezing. It’s amazing how difficult it is to dance when truly cold, and I found I could not jump as high, nor could I take as deep of breaths as I usually might. I’m afraid to admit that I was a little cranky during the filming process, but I can’t express how glad I am to have been in this piece of work. I look forward to what The Professor comes up with for this next project.